Why spellcheck is not always your friend

Right here and now I need to make it clear that this post is not getting at people who struggle with spelling. As I’ve written in a previous blog, we all have different skills. Let’s put this into perspective: yes, language is a necessary, everyday occurrence. Well,...

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A punctuation sampler

Think of a world where the punctuation goes on strike. What if question marks quit questioning? Can you imagine? Perhaps the commas complain of overwork, and take a break from breaking up lists, clauses, interjections and so on. “Don’t forget us,” say the speech...

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The right tone for the right readers

Here’s a true story. I enjoy using a well-known social media site, and I accept that, in order to benefit from its free worldwide networking opportunities, I will have to put up with seeing adverts. Once, I actually bought something! Of course, the ads are carefully...

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